BEST: Board of European Students of Technology


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I want to get more out of my student life than just studying and partying. I want to enrich myself with soft and hard skills that they don't teach me in the auditorium. I want to explore Europe without spending a ton of money or taking a Sabbath year. I want to be part of a group of ambitious and inspiring like-minded people. I want to learn to organise and coordinate professional events. I want to become part of an international network. I want to prepare myself as well as possible for my life after university. If you recognize yourself in these statements, then you've come to the right place!

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a constantly growing international organisation consisting of technical, scientific and engineering students. Our association has 3500 members at 96 universities in 34 different European countries.


Here in Leuven we organise events for students of Bio Engineering, Engineering Sciences,, Industrial Engineering and Sciences. All our events are free for participants. The most important are:

  • EBEC: Largest engineering competition in Europe, consisting of a Case Study and Team Design. The topical problems that need to be solved are drawn up by our partner companies. With a group of 4 you present your solution to the company representatives, followed by a reception. Winners go on to the regional and afterwards the European round.
  • Hackathon : Using logic and basic programming skills, participants crack a complex web of problems, prepared by a partner company. The Hackathon is followed by an award ceremony and reception.
  • BEST Soft Skills Track Five sessions spread over 6 weeks in which business representatives teach a certain soft skill in an interactive way. These can vary from project management, networks, presentation skills, negotiation to many other vital competencies in the business world. Every session ends with a reception.
  • BEST Courses Course of 10 days in which participants immerse themselves in a certain technical or scientific topic, through lessons given by professionals or company representatives. This is supplemented by numerous social activities, city visits and excursions.


As a member of BEST Leuven you can also participate in our internal activities. These range from weekend trips, barbecues and cantusses, to mutual exchanges between BEST groups, to international conferences with more than 200 representatives. In addition, we also offer quality trainings, given by certified trainers, who are specialized in various hard and soft skills. What further distinguishes our organization from other local student associations is that every local BEST group across Europe invites each other to their activities. As a BESTie, you can spend every weekend in a different country, participate in their extensive social program, enjoy the local culture and cuisine, and stay overnight with your newly made friends without spending anything!


To find out more about BEST Leuven, check out our website, Facebook and Instagram page. To become a member of BEST Leuven, fill out this form. For more information about BEST International, you can also surf to the international website.